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Images from 'The Gaea to UE4 Workflow '

A series of images etc from my latest tutorial up on Gumroad 'The Gaea to UE4 Workflow'

Following on from the success of Gaea:: A Practical Guide, we bring you The Gaea to Unreal Engine Workflow. This 4 1/2 hours of video (along with project files)take us from an empty scene in Gaea to a real time high quality terrain in UE 4. Showing the correct way to import Height maps and other control maps from Gaea into the Unreal Engine allowing you to leverage the level of control you need.

We will be creating the landscape shader in passes creating a distance shader using distance textures created with the help of Quixel Mixer & Quixel Bridge, through to a Parallax Occlusion material and finally adding in displacement. In this tutorial All textures used are from the Megascans library, and supplied with the tutorial is a link to a free access to the Megascans free assets along with Quixel Mixer and Quixel bridge for 30 days.

Wayne robson highresscreenshot00010

Unreal Engine 4.22

Wayne robson gaea2


Wayne robson quixel2

Quixel mixer

Wayne robson highresscreenshot00014
Wayne robson highresscreenshot00007
Wayne robson highresscreenshot00012
Wayne robson highresscreenshot00013